3 Reasons Why Your Interior Design Business Needs a Professional & Aesthetic Website

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

As an interior design agency, your clients come to your site for a few very specific reasons.

They come to see your work, information on what services you provide, and contact you if they’d like to work with you.

From there, they may look for further information such as: about your company and who works in your team, maybe a timeline of the process, pricing, or investment of your services, and even come looking for a few testimonials or case studies from your previous clients.

For so many reasons as above, your interior design business needs a professional website. But there are more specific purposes an aesthetic website provides for your business.

1. Puts focus on your work

The design of your website should put the attention of your visitors (aka potential clients) to your work. However, a poorly designed website could actually distract them from your work.

For example, a mismatch of color palettes to the usual styles of your interior design projects could cause your work to look random and less desirable than they actually are.

2. Higher expectations of your brand

When your website is visually aesthetic and compliments your work, it creates a higher brand expectation. Therefore, your website will attract higher-paying clients or clients who value good design.

3. Increases trust

Suppose your interior design business website has a broken website or a website that you built on a free platform without professional support. In that case, it’s unlikely that a potential client will trust you to work on a high-end interior design project.

However, when you showcase your website and show your potential clients that you’ve invested your time to hire a professional to present your brand visually online, they will trust you to put the same effort, if not more, into their projects.

Wrapping Up

A professional website doesn’t always represent a good interior design agency. However, having a non-professional website can reflect poorly on a good agency, and that’s what I want to recommend you to avoid.

It doesn’t even have to be a custom-built website (like we do here at Made at Dawn), but as long as it’s clean, accessible, and clear for the visitor to navigate around, you should be set up for good.