50 Places to Market Your Automated Funnel Once It’s Up & Running

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

As someone who specializes in building automated funnels for our clients, it drives me crazy when clients invest the money, time, and effort to build these machines and never use it.

Because TRUTH BOMB: your funnel only works when you actually use it.

It’s not a magic spell that magically transforms your business. It’s a machine where you have to turn it on and put things in to reach an outcome.

So for the sake of our clients who have no idea how to use this machine, and for those who have this built and are looking to amplify the growth, I’m sharing the 50 different places you can promote your automated funnel machine.

Let’s get started.

Note: You should be promoting ONE link to your funnel (your funnel entry point) throughout all of these platforms. In most cases, this would be your top of funnel lead magnet.

Additionally, we’re working with organic methods of promoting your funnel.

Your Website

  1. Your main navigation
  2. Your footer navigation
  3. Full-width bar at the top of the site
  4. Add a row in your home page
  5. Add a row in your blog archive page
  6. Add a row in your footer for the entire site
  7. On your blog sidebar
  8. On the bottom of your blog posts
  9. Inside your blog posts as promotional banners
  10. Write blog posts that are specifically for the funnel
  11. As the thank you page of another opt-in

Your Social Media


  1. Your Instagram bio link
  2. Your Instagram stories – create a promotional slide and post it each week/month
  3. Instagram story highlights about your funnel
  4. Promotional Instagram posts that have a CTA as the funnel
  5. Instagram lives/IGTV with a CTA to your funnel

Facebook Page

  1. Your Facebook page about info
  2. Facebook page cover
  3. Pinned Facebook post
  4. Go live on Facebook with a CTA to your funnel
  5. Facebook messenger introduction

Facebook Group

  1. Facebook group cover photo
  2. Facebook group description
  3. In your group membership questionnaire
  4. Facebook group pinned post
  5. Weekly new member welcome post
  6. Weekly promotional post
  7. Go live in your group with a CTA to your funnel
  8. Create learning modules with a CTA to your funnel


  1. Create Pinterest pins that lead to the funnel landing page
  2. Put the link to your funnel in your Pinterest account bio
  3. Put the link to your funnel in your Pinterest board descriptions


  1. Add verbal CTAs inside your YouTube videos
  2. Update your YouTube descriptions with your funnel landing page
  3. Add a comment in your YouTube videos about your funnel and pin it
  4. Update your channel banner
  5. Create a link to your funnel on your channel banner
  6. Update your channel about section


  1. LinkedIn about section
  2. As the CTA in your LinkedIn articles
  3. LinkedIn posts with CTA to funnel


  1. Sending an email to your list that’s interested (you can use a link click trigger to help them sign up without actually needing to put in their email address again.)
  2. Putting it in your email signature
  3. In your “out of office” emails
  4. Adding the link as the CTA in your weekly emails
  5. Promote the funnel after someone signs up for a different lead magnet


  1. As the CTA in your podcast episodes
  2. Include an “ad” that was created by you that promotes the funnel
  3. Podcast show notes and descriptions
  4. Create an “ad” in your conclusions

Wrapping Up

And you have it! I honestly think if you go through this entire list and start marketing your funnel and start driving traffic to your funnel, you’re going to see how powerful automated funnels are.

Because not only are you just marketing your funnel, you’re marketing your entire brand with this. You’re growing an audience not just for the funnel but for your entire business as well.

So this doesn’t stop here. You’ve only given them one touchpoint with you using this funnel. From here, you can expand your touchpoints with them through multiple platforms and build a long-lasting relationship with them.