Are You Missing out If You’re Not on Social Media as a Business Owner?

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Some people give me weird faces when I say I don’t use Instagram or Facebook. I mean, we sometimes use it at a minimal rate, but I don’t depend on all of my business on having a social media presence. And with the COVID-19 situation, people are saying we have to be on social media more than ever, but I’m deciding to stay in my lane.

Instead of social media, I do the following. I have my products anchored on exactly what my ideal clients and members desire, I have an autoMAGICAL funnel that sells my programs and services on autopilot and I have a system that amplifies everything I create so that the world hears what I have to say.

But here’s how most memberships or programs are formatted. Most memberships out there do a live launch of their membership. They launch a new marketing sequence every time and host 3 to 4 different live webinars for the launch to get people to join. And it takes them months to build the list, only to find themselves having to put together a live launch again.

So to them, being on social media all the time and building a presence there is something that is essential to building a successful membership.

However, that’s not the end. Then, they have to create 2-3 pieces of NEW content every month. And this could easily lead to burnout for you, the membership owner, and end up not loving your membership as months pass by.

Oh, and did I mention? You still have to be on social media to build an audience and live launch. Did I forget?

Here’s how it could look for you instead.

Instead, if you have your product that is anchored to the desire your members want, an autoMAGICAL funnel that sells your membership on autopilot, and a system that amplifies one piece of content to the world, here’s how it could look for you.

  1. You could spend your time batching your social media content (I won’t say you have to NOT use it as I do, but getting it out of the way so you don’t even have to think about it)
  2. You could spend your time in your membership and give your members a surprise Q&A coaching call that gets their questions answered. (element of surprise!!!)
  3. You could take a day to create systems and processes for everything in your membership so that your team can run the membership for you.

Imagine having that flexibility in your life. One of the biggest reasons why I don’t use social media is because I don’t want to share my life. I want to live every day at the moment rather than having to consider whether or not I’ll share it on Instagram.

If I were to start Instagram or social media again, I’d give myself one complete day to produce the content and schedule it out. And all I have to keep in mind is just consistently promoting the funnel in the content instead of having to create this huge plan of live launching.