Are You the Type Who Needs an Automated Funnel or a System to Launch Your Ideas?

Written by Made at Dawn
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So while I build automated funnels for our clients, I’ve got to say that funnels aren’t for everyone. I’ve had many clients who ended up never actually using an automated funnel that we have built for them.

Before you go out and decide that you want to hire someone to build a complete automated funnel, I want you to think about the questions below.

And when you go through these questions, make sure to have the product you’re looking to build an automated funnel for in mind. Don’t go into this blind because you’ll further confuse yourself.

1. Is This Offer Here to Stay?

The offer you’re promoting – is this something you plan on having around for a long time? Are you planning to make this one of your signature products, or is this something you have a quick idea for that will fall out next week?

If NO, Stop Right Here.

If this offer isn’t here to stay, you shouldn’t be building an automated funnel for it. The purpose of an automated funnel is to spread out a launch or multiple launches into consistent sales over a long period of time. And if your offer isn’t going to be around for it, you shouldn’t create a funnel for it.

If YES, Continue On.

If this offer is something you plan on selling for a long time, you are one step closer to knowing that you need an automated funnel for it.

Because if you’re promoting this offer for a long period of time, you have two choices: launch it multiple times or create an automated funnel that launches for you.

2. Are You Going to Market the Funnel?

As I mentioned in my previous post, “50 Places to Market Your Automated Funnel Once It’s up & Running”, many of our clients actually didn’t use the funnel that we built them.

So I want you to ask yourself if you’re going to be dedicated to marketing the automated funnel or if you’re going to want to market the offer itself.

If YES, Continue On.

If you are going to market the funnel instead of the offer, you can continue on. You see, automated funnels are made to help you deliver content over a period of time to everyone and anyone who signs up, on their own timeline. On the other hand, live launches have a set date for you to deliver that content to your entire audience, a few times a year at most.

If NO, Stop Right Here.

If you’re not going to market the funnel, there’s really no point of building the funnel in the first place. To be incredibly honest, if you’re going to market your offer instead, I think there’s so much more return on investment for you to build a system of live launching and using that system to recreate your live launches every time you want to market your offer.

3. Do You Want to Move Onto Different Offers?

Most of the clients that come to us for automated funnels work with us because they want to move onto a different offer. While they don’t want to retire this offer, they’re ready to completely automated the sales process so that they can put more attention to building their next big thing. And something I say a lot is that in order for you to leap to your next level, you need the capacity to do so.

If YES, Continue On.

If you want to completely automate this product and move onto a different offer, whether it’s focusing on your main offer or service or creating a new offer, you can definitely create an automated funnel.

If NO, Think a Little More.

If this is going to be your main offer and you’re not moving onto different offers, you might want to think a little bit more about this. Notice how I didn’t say to stop. You can definitely create an automated funnel for this, but you may want to wait until you are ready to move on. You could actually enjoy live launching this and this may be the big offer you’re known about. If that’s the case, creating an automated funnel could distract you from executing big launches.

Your Results

No, No & No

If all of your answers were “No”, then I’m 100% against you building an automated funnel right now. Rather, you should be building a system to launch your offers. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you launch, build a system to save your time. Come back again in a few months!

1 Yes, 2 No

With this, you’re probably not going to get a good return on investment from building an automated funnel. Not because your offer is bad or your funnel isn’t converting, but because you’ll probably not use your funnel as much as it is intended for.

2 Yes, 1 No

This means that you may be ready for an automated funnel, but it’s likely that you won’t be using it as frequently as it is built for. You’re still craving for that live action in your business and having a passive system where you don’t feel the energy may not be your thing just yet.

Yes, Yes & Yes

So if you came here and you got all yes, you’re 100% ready for an automated funnel.

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, this means that you’re completely ready to build an automated funnel and you’re going to use it and not forget about it.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone is a great fit for using automated funnels. Marketing is a huge piece of using automated funnels and the return on building a funnel comes with your marketing focus.

If you need ideas on marketing your automated funnel, you can read my blog post here.

Lastly, if you’re ready to build your automated funnel, this is your invite to apply for our Automated Funnel VIP Experience where we’ll strategize, develop, and integrate your fully automated funnel in one week.

If you’re ready, you should be launching your automated funnel as soon as you can so that we can immediately market your funnel and optimize it for the best results.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon.