Are Your Business Goals Based on You or Others?

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my favorite people in the world – Myrra Kate. During my conversation with her, I began to rethink the “goals” that I had set in my business. You know, the regular 7-figure business, mastermind, luxury Bali villas, and private jets. Nah, I’m kidding. But fairly similar in what I dreamt about for the next five years.

I mean, the people I work with could be one of the factors in why I wanted this. A good amount of my clients actually achieved what I listed and more. While their accomplishments are amazing, I realized that I started to do something that was affecting the way I looked at my own business.

Have you ever opened Instagram or Facebook, looked at others’ success and wins, and hoped that you had the same results? I’ll be honest – I have.

I wanted the “ideal entrepreneur lifestyle” that seemed to be promoted on social media. Having a big team, traveling the world, attending events, speaking, being in mastermind groups, and everything else that seems to be considered “successful”.

Do your goals make you happy?

As an agency that provides done-with-you and done-for-you services, I always thought that I was missing out when it came to offering products that didn’t need much attention from me and my team. Coaching and information-based products, for instance, was something I wanted to do.

For an entire year, I tried. I chased the dream of selling information that didn’t require an entire team to manage so that I could have a source of income that gave me flexibility in my membership.

But there was one problem. I was an introvert.

You see, this entire automated sales & operations system I developed for me and my clients was because of this one fact.

Selling is all about giving and asking. As online entrepreneurs with personal brands, that means we have to show up on social media to do the ask. I automated that because I’m an introvert.

I thrive in private conversations and dread groups. So why in the world did I think group coaching was a good idea? Well, it was because so many of my clients do it and are “easily” scaling their business because it’s a one-to-many model. Honestly, that’s basically what all my clients do because it’s such a crucial part of a membership program.

But I was dreading those group calls. I lived under pressure for an entire month dreading that one day I’d need to lead the group with my introverted, awkward self. And what I did instead was transition the product into a done-with-you program. I automated a good 70% of the entire program so that my time spent on my clients didn’t skyrocket because of this change.

Though it’s not as scalable as information-based products or even the membership programs we develop for our clients, and even though I stay quiet without having an outgoing brand, I am extremely happy with where I am and how I’m running my business.

And the most important part? I’m able to play board games with my family at night instead of working on the little side-project.

So I really encourage you to think. Are the goals that you have set for yourself in business goals that you truly want or something you’ve derived from other people in social media?