How to Set Up Daily, Monthly & Yearly Recurring Tasks in ClickUp

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3 Reasons Why Your Interior Design Business Needs a Professional & Aesthetic Website

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How to Properly Migrate Your Wix Website to Self-Hosted WordPress (The Complete Guide)

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My Top 5 Must-Have Business Tools & Software as a Service Provider

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How to Create A WordPress Website for Your Blog, Business, or Agency in 7 Easy Steps

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How to Price Your Membership Program: Costs, Purpose & Pricing Models

The #1 question I receive is, “Hae, how should I price my membership?” – whether it’s a membership, a course, or even a high-ticket program, prices are always the most asked question. While many people say that “pricing doesn’t matter,” I want to say that creating the right package that fits the purpose and people … Read more

How to Create an Online Program Experience That Stands Out as a Creator

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50 Places to Market Your Automated Funnel Once It’s Up & Running

As someone who specializes in building automated funnels for our clients, it drives me crazy when clients invest the money, time, and effort to build these machines and never use it. Because TRUTH BOMB: your funnel only works when you actually use it. It’s not a magic spell that magically transforms your business. It’s a … Read more