Courses vs. Memberships – Which One Is Best to Add to Your Business?

Written by Made at Dawn
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Hey! So today, I wanted to hop in quickly to talk about courses vs. memberships. The other day, I logged into Facebook and the first post I saw was someone asking whether they should start a course or a membership program.

The question

I’m considering adding courses or a membership site for my business. I have a ton of content and would love to hear about your experience, perspective, pros/cons of each.

My response

I came up with a quick response, and I wanted to read you my quick response here and elaborate on it.

Hey! I’ve been a membership architect for the past 6 years so I thought I’d drop by!

A course is perfect if you’re working with a one-time-fix solution. A long-term solution that has more steps and processes involved would determine the length & pricing of the course.

A membership is a more flexible option if you’re planning to create a mix of a course, group coaching, and provide support. First of all, the solution you provide for your members shouldn’t be a one-time-fix like teaching how to build a desk, but rather a longer-term support system that people can go back to again and again.

I actually heavily disagree with using monthly masterclasses or guest expert interviews as your “monthly content” because 99% of your members will be overwhelmed with too much content and feel like they can’t catch up.

If you have any specific questions about this stuff, just send me a message or DM me on Instagram (@thehaepark) and I’ll be happy to answer quick questions for you!

So what’s the catch?

Now I want you to remember that this response was written without me knowing what her business model was, what her membership idea was, or what she needed in her business income-wise. If you have a smaller following and you’re not putting pressure into doing a 6-figure course launch, I would say starting with membership is a good choice. You don’t need to worry about looking for new people to buy every month, but instead, serve your current members.

And the best way to amplify this is by having an automated sales system. If you have one system that gets new members on autopilot, you can spend your time enhancing your membership and making sure people stay. And even if you don’t have a big following, your members pile up month after month with this process.