How to Create Irresistible Content for Your Membership Site

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

So today, let’s talk about creating irresistible content for your membership program. I have a lot of thoughts regarding this and before I get into it, I want to warn you of something.

Monthly content style memberships are not something I do. Yes, I know many of them exist and are successful, and I’ve even built a few for my clients in the past. But if you’re here and looking to create monthly masterclasses, resources, or guest expert interviews for your membership, I want to let you know that this is NOT for you.

So let’s dive in.

There are five essential elements that I create for my clients’ membership – and I call it the Hybrid Membership Model. This model, to break it down, gathers the best elements and features from all info products and curates the best into one product.

So I took a look at live courses, live group coaching programs, live events, evergreen courses, evergreen group coaching programs, and a lot more. And from those features, I took the most results-oriented and entrepreneur-friendly features that will make your membership content IRRESISTIBLE.

Foundational Concept (the course)

First, we have the course. I’m a membership expert but that doesn’t mean I hate courses. Having a course for your foundational concept will make the experience 100x better for your members. Your content shouldn’t be spread out like an archive of untouched inside the site. If you have that, 99% of your members won’t go through the content on a regular basis. Plus, it makes it more confusing if they have a specific result they want, but unsure what resource to look at.

And guess what the best part of having a foundational concept is. You create it once, and you’re done. I mean, you need to go back from time to time to improve the concept, but at least you don’t have to create fresh new content inside your membership each month.


Secondly, you need bonuses. Now, 99% of online educators, coaches, etc. know the purpose of bonuses incorrectly. It’s NOT for value stacking. Yes, a part of it serves to make your product “more valuable”, but that’s not the main purpose.

The main purpose of your bonuses are to eliminate objections and clear limiting beliefs. WOW, you’ve heard those phrases somewhere, right?

Well, a lot of people who teach this stuff say those two are supposed to be handled in the SALES process of your online product. Whether it’s in a Q&A section or inside your teaching, objections and limiting beliefs are supposed to be a mindset shift exercise.

Now that’s obviously effective. But I’m here to say that strategically creating bonuses is a lot more effective. Find an objection, create a bonus that solves their objection practically.

Objection ex) I want to start a design business but I’m not sure my designs are good enough

Your Bonus ) Design to Obsess – how to design in a certain way that gets your clients OBSESSED

Do you see what I mean? And inside that bonus, you can handle mindset strategies as well as practical advice. Sell the carrot cake, give them the carrot. Am I right?

Elements of Surprise

Now the last way to create irresistible content inside your membership is by having elements of surprise. A lot of my clients get scared when they come to figure this out while working with us. But honestly, it’s SO simple.

An element of surprise is giving them what they really want at times they don’t expect.

For example, let’s say in your membership community, a question emerged that you didn’t cover in your foundational concept. But they also have to wait for your response or wait until the monthly Q&A call.

So what you can do, is you can create a plan to add it inside your foundational concept. But instead of creating the video or resource then letting them know to check it out, you can go live in your Facebook group to talk about it. Then, you could insert that video inside the foundational concept.

It can be as simple as that. I’ve honestly had times when I offered free 15-minute coaching calls to every single member when this came up. Other than surprising your members, this is also an amazing way to bring a dead membership back to life.