How to Get People Joining Your Membership Every Day

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

So I get it. You either launched your membership and you’re dying to get members in, or you are looking to launch a membership and you already want all these members. I mean it sounds absolutely amazing. Having 100 members who are active, loving the experience, and having a tight community that you can be open to. Right?

Here’s the thing. We’ve been launching membership programs in ways most people don’t and using funnels in ways that most people don’t. We call it the Subscribed Model which is a product recipe that takes the best features from all info-products and creates a hybrid program. And we use automated sales systems to sell the membership on autopilot.

But that doesn’t mean our clients don’t do the work. So the secret to getting people to join your membership every day is not a solution that allows you to do nothing. You HAVE to go crazy about it.

A no-brainer offer

The first requirement is having a no-brainer offer. It needs to be a membership that your members feel drawn to, not something you have to convince them to join. You need to attack the right desire or problem and put forward a solution that intrigues them to find out more about it.

And to break your dreams, monthly masterclasses don’t always work. If you have DIFFERENT topics each month, only some of your members who are intrigued by that topic will stay in the membership. If you want to learn more about why I think monthly masterclasses are the worst forms of membership, click here.


So if you know me, you know that I believe there are two parts to selling. First, you give. You give value, you give knowledge, and you give everything you have. Then you ask. You ask for the sale, you ask them to sign up, and you ask them to give something in return.

Well with our clients, we’ve automated the ASK. But that doesn’t take you away from the responsibility of GIVING. You have to give EVERY DAY. Remember I said you have to be crazy to have people join every day? If you GIVE every day, people will respond and respond to your ask. It’s really that simple.