How to Promote Your Sales Funnel Seamlessly in Private Conversations

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

So the other day, I had a call with one of my clients and we were discussing how she was talking with so many of her ideal members on Instagram but she didn’t know how she could seamlessly urge them to sign up for her masterclass. She read me the text she got and I gave her a formula that took her less than 30 seconds to respond to the text & invite them to her sales funnel.

I want to share that with you today.

Identify the question

Now the first thing we did was identify the question. This is super important because if the person on the other side ISN’T asking questions, they don’t pass the test. They must be asking questions that are related to what you do because that’s how you’ll validate that they need to be in your membership.

Get the answer in your webinar

Most likely, this will be a question that you already addressed in your webinar. The key here is to go find the answer (you can do this easily by pressing control, F, and the keyword) and copy-paste the answer as a reply.

Now if you haven’t worked with us, you probably don’t have the webinar I’m talking about. We use a certain webinar-style called the Webinar Immersion Method that basically answers your most commonly asked questions. You can literally do this for almost all of your Instagram DM conversations.

And you don’t necessarily have to work with us to get this done. You can create a list of questions that come from common objections people have and keep the answers in a document. Then, you could refer back to that document while you answer your DMs. Copy, paste, tweak and send. It’s that simple.

But remember – if this is in your webinar, and someone signs up & watches the webinar after reading this message, they’re hearing the same thing TWICE. THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Some of my clients used to think their people can’t hear things more than once.


You NEED to repeat yourself again and again. Your people need to hear the same things again and again. Because they need to hear it multiple times to get it in their brains and comprehend it. There’s a reason why repetitive learning is a thing in elementary schools.

The magic invite

Once you’ve answered the question, you’re going to send them this one line that’s going to solve your problems for you.

Look, this 30-minute training is going to transform the next 10 years of your (business).

Then, you invite them to sign up for the webinar. You simply paraphrase the title of your webinar and then say something like “let me know if you need the link”. It’s that simple.

Here’s an example that we created for our client:

Look, this 20-minute training is going to change the way you launch courses forever.

See? It’s that simple.

But I want you to keep one thing in mind. This situation will be completely different if you don’t have a sales funnel that is completely automated. If you had to live launch your membership every time, you probably won’t have the margin in your life to think about this and reply to each DM with this much care.