How to Properly Migrate Your Wix Website to Self-Hosted WordPress (The Complete Guide)

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Looking to migrate your website from Wix to WordPress? This complete guide is just what you need!

As a popular website builder, many new website owners choose Wix over other hosts. You can create your website in a couple of hours as it is easy to navigate and budget-friendly.

However, as the site grows over time, the features are needed. It is advisable to use a content management system like WordPress to have a more flexible and functional site. 

43% of all sites over the Internet use WordPress. With all the plugins that can easily be installed on your site, it can still be considered more cost-effective than other platforms. Because of its robust features and usability, it is a strong choice when choosing where to migrate your Wix site.

Additionally, you would have complete control when you choose to migrate from Wix to WordPress as WordPress is a self-hosted platform. This means that you can select your host and even change your host when you see one that would cater to your website better.

WordPress also does not restrict you from changing your website design! On the other hand, Wix has a fixed template, so once you choose a design, this will be the template for life.

How do you migrate from Wix to WordPress?

Table of Contents:

  1. Purchase your hosting
  2. Build your visual site
  3. Migrate your content
  4. Transfer and connect your domain

1. Purchase your hosting 

When migrating from Wix to WordPress, the first step you need to do is choosing a WordPress host that would house all your files and data. It is crucial to find a WordPress host that would cater to all your needs, such as secure storage, fast servers, and other advanced features. Choose a plan with storage, bandwidth, and security that will fit your WordPress website.

Also, if you are still using the subdomain from Wix, you should buy your custom domain to make your WordPress website look more professional! The domain name is the address you see on your website’s browser. Having a custom one on-brand with your website gives you a more credible and professional look.

If you have an existing one linked to your Wix website, you can use the temporary subdomain on WordPress, which would look like Do read until the end of the blog, as we also have instructions on how to transfer or connect your domain.

2. Build Your Visual Site

WordPress has thousands of free and paid templates and themes that you can use for your website. Building on WordPress is great as you are able to change your design, unlike with Wix, where the design is permanent once you choose one. 

Making a website come to life is exciting as you can showcase the site’s personality through the design. Aside from choosing the color scheme, it is also important that we choose a layout that would present the content in an organized and easy-to-read manner. There are two things to main things to install when building your visual site:

Install a theme

You cannot migrate your website design from Wix to WordPress. This is why you have to choose a theme for your site. If you want to install a free theme, you can go to Appearance and click Themes.

installing a free theme

From there, you would see both free and premium themes. Click the themes to see a preview. Once you have selected the theme you want to use, click that theme again and click ‘Activate this design’ for free themes or ‘Pick this design’ for premium themes.

pick or activate your chosen design

If you want to install paid, premium themes, you can look into WordPress hosts such as Bluehost, which offers 900+ premium themes. Other popular websites that offer premium themes are Themeforest and Elegant Themes.

Install a builder

When we think about designing a website, it feels complicated! It seems like you have to be an expert in coding. But now, we have page builders that can help create amazing designs by just dragging and dropping chosen sections!

No need to worry about code. WordPress page builders can create custom designs that are inexpensive but professional-looking. 

Our setup

Generatepress Theme (free)

For our theme, we use GeneratePress. It is a minimalist and lightweight theme that is easy to modify. When we use a minimal theme, the possibilities are endless, and we can be as creative as we want. Best of all, it is also free!

Beaver Builder

We use Beaver Builder as it is cost-effective and efficient. The good thing with using Beaver Builder is that you can copy your template from one page to another and even use it on another website.

Beaver Themer

To customize our theme further, our team uses Beaver Themer! It is an extension for the page builder and helps us customize layouts like headers, footers, and single posts. While it is unnecessary to add, it helps us be more creative in building websites.

3. Migrate your content

It is possible to copy and paste all your content from Wix to WordPress. This will work if you don’t have a lot of content to migrate. But what if you’re dealing with a lot of posts?

This is where the RSS feed comes in.

RSS means RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is a web feed that allows users and applications to access website content in a standardized, computer-readable format. This is why you can download the RSS from Wix and still be readable on WordPress.

How do you use RSS to migrate your content? Before, you needed to manually download the feed by getting the RSS in an XML format.

download RSS in an XML format

Now it’s easier! WordPress lists several platforms that you can automatically connect to get content. You can now import your content with a few clicks of a button, directly from Wix to WordPress.

Go to your WordPress dashboard to import your RSS file from Wix to WordPress. Click on ‘Tools’ on the lower left side of the screen. Choose ‘Import’.

importing RSS file from Wix to WordPress

Next, choose Wix from the list of platforms.

Choose Wix from the platforms

Enter the URL of your Wix site.

enter the URL of your Wix site

WordPress will confirm if the site you are importing is correct. Click ‘Yes! Start import’.

import your site

Wait for WordPress to finish importing your RSS feed from the Wix site.

wait for WordPress to finish importing RSS content

Success! Your content has been imported from Wix to WordPress. You’re good to go!

Successfully imported from Wix to WordPress

4. Transfer or Connect your domain

If you used the subdomain by Wix previously, you should buy a custom domain and connect it to your WordPress website. We use Bluehost to host our domains. But you can also choose to buy one from WordPress.

On the lower left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General’. Look for the header that says ‘Site address’ and click ‘+ Add custom address’.

Wordpress general settings

From here, you would be able to buy an available domain for your website. Depending on the extension you want (.com, .net, .org, etc.), the price would vary from as low as $16 to as high as $90 here. Comparing prices for the most common extension, the .com extension, Bluehost offers a $13 price compared to $19 on WordPress.

search for a domain

Most domain hosts also offer a one-year free domain registration when you sign up for an annual plan. So if you have the budget for it, make sure that you take advantage of these offers.

upgrade to a plan

On the other hand, if you already use a custom domain on your Wix site, it’s time to transfer it to WordPress!

Go to your Wix account and choose the ‘Domains’ section.

domain's section in Wix account

Choose your custom domain and click the Show More button which looks like three dots. Click ‘Transfer Away from Wix’.

transfer away from Wix

Select ‘Transfer Domain’.

transferring the domain

After this, choose ‘I Still Want To Transfer’.

i still want to transfer

You will receive an email containing an authorization code from Wix.

domain transfer authorization

You need to go to your new domain host’s dashboard and initiate the domain transfer process from there. Since each host may have different steps, it would be great to check the platform’s respective Support page. One thing is for sure. You would be asked for the authorization code here, so make sure to check your inbox for that!

If you want to see a sample process, you can check Bluehost’s guide on How to Transfer a Domain Name to their platform.


Migrating from Wix to WordPress seems challenging as there are a lot of steps involved. However, the payoff is in having more control over your website. You can easily update and upgrade your WordPress website as the content evolves and the audience grows.

As website owners, it is important to anticipate the kind of growth a site would have. This is why we recommend migrating from Wix to WordPress to ensure that the website is ready for any potential development. Who knows, your website might just boom tomorrow! Being prepared will help you in adapting as quickly as possible.

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