How to Start a Membership Site From Scratch

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Hey all! So, I’m really thrilled about today because I’m letting you know everything I would say you need to do to get started with your membership from scratch. We’re leaving behind my dearly loved method, Subscribed, and we’re talking about how to kind of wing this entire thing.

I can REALLY say to you that if you follow these 5 steps, there’s no reason for you to not make this work. It’s such a simple process and if you have the desire to launch a membership and make recurring revenue in your business, it’s going to work.

1. Find your money-making idea

So the first step, obviously, is to find your money-making idea. This is basically creating a product that is a no-brainer to your potential customers. Your membership has to be something that people WANT. Do you know when you go out shopping and find something you really want? Whether you can afford it or not, it stays in your mind.

That’s what your membership has to be. Whether they can afford it or not, they want it SO much that they’re thinking about it constantly before it’s up. That’s how irresistible your membership has to be.

But other than that, you want to make sure your membership fills in a gap. Where your members are now to where they want to be, there is a gap and your membership needs to be filling that gap.

2. Create your checkout page

One thing I’ve learned from launching memberships for the past few years is that you NEVER know when someone is going to join. It’s amazing when someone, out of the blue, suddenly asks for a link to join. However, if you don’t have it ready, you could not set it up correctly and make a mess.

I once even sent a link that wasn’t set to recur – I had to ask that member to signup again after that month ended.

So to prevent that from happening and also allowing yourself to think that this membership IS going to sell and that’s why you’re creating the checkout page can motivate you to build the rest of this thing out.

3. Create your membership sales page

I don’t care if your sales page sucks. It can literally be text without any columns, maybe a few photos here and there, but you need to portray the transformation of your membership on this page.

I personally LOVE using Google documents. It’s a strategy that many people use for high-ticket programs, but you can literally write your entire sales page on a Google document and link the checkout pages at the bottom. They work VERY well.

4. Create your membership content portal

Once you have your money-making membership idea, a checkout page, and a sales page, you need a portal for your content. With Subscribed, our service and mentorship hybrid, we advise our clients to use a specific structure with the motto of “working less, serving more”.

But if your goal is to literally start, do this.

Create around 4-5 videos that take them through the step-by-step process of getting to their desired transformation. Then offer one monthly group call to help them get their questions answered.

All you need to do is host those 4 videos and upload replays of your previous calls.

5. Sell your membership every day

Now the LAST thing you need to do is selling your membership. This is the hardest part, but it’s the part that actually gets the results you want. If your members interact on Instagram, go TALK to them on that platform. Whether it’s posting in your feed or posting stories, give value, and ask for the sale.

It can be as simple as this. You identify their struggle, aka where they are at, you identify where they want to be, aka the result of your membership, and summarize the 4 videos that you created for your membership portal. And after you clearly communicate the transformation, tell them to go to your sales page and join your membership.

There are thousands of strategies to sell your membership, and as long as you have the desire to make this work, take action and you’ll get results.