Is Your Income Dependent on the Size of Your Followers?

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Is your income dependent on the size of your followers? 🙆🏻‍♀️

Social media is a weird thing.

It seems like to be successful, you need:

1️⃣ A big Instagram following

2️⃣ Aesthetic photos for your brand

3️⃣ Offers that ‘sound’ cool

Gosh, I’ve purchased a few programs because of their titles and what they promised, only to find out that what I’ve researched and figured out were much more practical.

Yeah, I’m very salty about that. 🧂

But honestly, can we all just admit that if someone has those three elements, we automatically perceive them as ‘successful’ and a ‘leader’ in the industry?

Do you know what most of those ‘successful’ people teach about memberships?

“Wait until you have a bigger audience.”
“Wait to build your audience and nurture them.”

“You need a bigger reputation before launching.”

No joke, this is what I heard from an entrepreneur who literally promotes “earn more money without needing a bigger following”. 🤯

So, if you’re looking to launch a membership or group program, listen to this because this has changed lives.

👉🏻 Build an automated sales funnel that will sell WITHOUT you selling your offer on social media 24/7.

👉🏻 Then plan out your marketing and get people INTO the funnel because they’re intrigued by the result you offer.

When you have these two set up, here’s what happens.

You focus on 1) marketing your funnel and 2) serving your customers.

You’re not focusing on this huge live launch or hopping on countless sales calls.

Your INCOME grows as your FOLLOWERS grow.


Run it in the background while you launch new offers, projects, and execute innovative ideas WITHOUT the pressure of making it a 6-figure launch or something.

‘Playing safe’ isn’t sexy, but it could also give you room to explore and be bold.