Listen to This If You’re Having a Bad Day Because of Toxic Clients

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Let’s be honest. Whether it’s your clients or your members, there are always toxic people who just have to ruin your day, right?

Trust me, I’ve had plenty of experiences just being toxic clients, and I’m writing this after being tired of one of my clients not doing what they need to and blaming things on me. You know I’ve seen the worst when businesses you invest in don’t respond to important messages you send. I’ve asked my team to send them a nice “we’re firing you” email, but I know many of you listening to this may not be able to do that.

So I wanted to list a few things I tell myself when I come across these toxic people.

  1. They honestly don’t deserve you. Without you, they’ll be nowhere near where they are now.
  2. Honestly, if you stop helping them from this moment, they’re going to mess everything up and they’ll know how important you were.
  3. You are much better than them. The fact that you’re being respective despite all that proves it.
  4. They probably don’t even know what they did wrong. That’s really the level they’re at. Have pity on them.
  5. The best form of revenge is laying on a beach and having a good time while watching their dead body float by. Forget about them and go do what makes you happy.
  6. They lost their change. Trust and respect aren’t something that exists anymore and you treat them strictly business to business.
  7. They’re probably enjoying their life not thinking about you. Don’t waste your precious brain cells on useless things.

Honestly, my favorite thing to say is “The best form of revenge is laying on a beach and having a good time while watching their dead body float by.”

Listen, it’s easy to hope for the worst. I can tell you I’ve done it many many times throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I started my first membership at 15 and you can imagine how horribly I was treated at a young age.

But truthfully, it’s not worth my time. And it’s not worth yours. We don’t have enough time and energy to spend on our loved ones, why would we use it on those who aren’t important to us?

One thing I love doing is to write a letter about all the stuff they did wrong and just putting down my thoughts of anger, delete it, then go watch a really good movie or a Korean variety show. You have no idea how many times it’s saved me from my anger eating up the situation.

Today’s topic wasn’t highly involved with memberships which is what we specialize in. However, I can confidently say that having a source of income you can depend on so that you can CHOOSE the people you work with is an absolute game-changer. You no longer have to wish for the next sale to come in every month and you can fire a client that disrespected you.