Resetting Revenue – Why This Is Sabotaging Your Business

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

“I’ve had months where I can’t fall asleep because I knew my income was going back to zero the next month.”

This was a text I received from one of my clients before they worked with us. And surprisingly, I’ve received at least 100 messages that are similar to this message. That they’re running their business on a month-to-month basis and not prepared for the feast & famine cycle.

Let’s be real, business is hard. Whether it’s a brick & mortar business or an online business, there are always unexpected expenses that could happen and there will be feast & famine cycles.

But when it gets too repetitive, it not only makes the business hard, it messes up with you, your mindset, and your passion for your work.

So if you’re reading this and relate to the text I read you in the beginning, welcome. It’s time to realize your business has an issue and fix it.

I’m a membership architect. And we use a specific product formula called the Subscribed Model which is a product recipe that takes the best features from all info-products and creates a hybrid program. And I want to emphasize that this model isn’t just for coaches and info products. It could be used for 1:1 services, retainers, and much more.

There are five essential elements that make up this model:

  1. Foundational Concept
  2. Monthly Support
  3. Facebook Group Community
  4. Bonus Resources & Programs
  5. Elements of Surprise

Power of the Model

So I just gave my entire model away. I’m joking, this isn’t the key to membership success, but it can definitely be the starting point.

This model can be twisted for different types of memberships you’re looking to create. For example, I twisted my own agency to fit this model:

  1. Foundational Concept – The Subscribed Model
  2. Monthly Support – Monthly intensive sessions
  3. Facebook Group Community – Private Slack channel with me & my assistant
  4. Bonus Resources & Programs – Custom membership & funnel site
  5. Elements of Surprise – Annual VIP days & welcome gifts