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Our Recommended & Favorite Resources

Here are some of the resources we personally use & recommend that you use for your company with your website, marketing, systems, and more.

Website Tools


Kinsta is the WordPress hosting platform we use for our own website as well as all of our clients' websites. When we migrated over to Kinsta, we immediately saw an improvement in site speed and performance.

Beaver Builder

It's not a lie when we say we think Beaver Builder is the best tool to build a website on WordPress. That's exactly why we use it for our site and all of our clients' sites as well.

Beaver Themer

Along with Beaver Builder, we use the Themer plugin to work with custom website layouts such as headers, footers, posts, archives, etc. There is a free plugin that you could use that has similar features, but since we work with many different websites for clients, we prefer using the official plugin.

Ultimate Add-Ons for Beaver Builder

While there are a few different add-on plugins that go along with Beaver Builder, we love and use Ultimate Add-Ons — we've never felt the need to look for other features with this, and we'd definitely recommend it as an extension to using Beaver Builder & Themer.


In the age of everything being a subscription, Thrivecart is a solution that you can rely on if you sell a digital product or even a service for which you need a checkout page. We use this tool not only in our business but also for our non-profit organizations.