Your Membership Isn’t Making “Passive Income”

Written by Made at Dawn
Website Agency

Hello! So today, I want to give you some real advice with memberships and their false rumor of “making a passive income”. So I’ve worked with many membership owners, both new and old. This is actually something I’ve seen lots of new membership owners go through. When they launch their membership and few people join, they get comfortable not doing more to get more members in. And even worse, they don’t properly serve their members.

Here’s the thing – just because you’re developing a membership with recurring income doesn’t mean you get to never sell again and still make a living. Maybe it’s possible, but it’s highly risky. You can’t be 100% confident that NO ONE is going to cancel their subscription.

Your membership will die if you don’t show up

We structure our memberships according to the Subscribed Model, which is a recipe that takes the best features from all info-products and creates a hybrid program. And the entire point of this model is so that our clients are NOT creating new masterclasses each month.

They’re hopping on monthly support calls based on the foundational concept, and they’re repurposing what’s already been created throughout the month.

But look, if you’re not doing the REPURPOSING part or showing up genuinely for your members, it no longer becomes a “work less, serves more” but it becomes “work less, serve less”.

You still need to work to get people in

With our clients, we use an automated sales system to get people in. But a few of my clients just don’t understand that they still need to do the work for people to sign up. Whether it’s by doing completely organic ways or spending money on advertising, there’s a ton of work to do to get people inside the automated funnel, then in the membership.

Just because we automate the sales process does it mean that you don’t have to get people in.